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Electrical and Plumbing Issues

 Did you know that your RV has three different electrical systems?

First it has a 12 Volt Chassis Battery. This a regular automobile battery, SLI (Starter, Lights, Ignition). On a towable unit, this is the battery in the towing vehicle.  It is going to run the electric brakes and towing lights on the trailer. For a motor home, it is going to run the dashboard.

Secondly, it has a 12 Volt (DC) Deep Cycle Coach Battery.  It is vital to your unit that this system be maintained properly (see maintenance schedule) for several reasons.  If your towable unit breaks away during transport, it is this electrical system that will allow the brake system to engage.  Most of the  lights in your RV along with the control boards in most of the appliances and components in your RV  run off of the 12 Volt DC system. If your battery does not hold a proper charge, it can cause havoc to many different components of your RV. Do not Remove the house battery from the equation.  This will put a heavy strain on the converter/inverter.

Third, it has the House Voltage.  This is the 120 AC (Alternating Current Voltage) that you plug in to. Please note that although this is like the power coming into your home, if you are doing any of the work yourself, do not blend together the neutral and ground wires, because the unit is not ground as a home is, all wires must remain separated.   Your unit has either 30 amp or 50 amp hook-up.   Understanding how many amps each component in your RV pulls during use can help you avoid issues (see how your amps add up at the bottom of our maintenance schedule page).  In a 30 amp unit, max wattage is 3600. The typical air conditioner uses 2400 watts when the compressor is running, leaving only 1200 watts available for other components when in use.  The 50 amp unit has the ability to use 3.3 times more wattage.  It actually has two 50 amp legs supplying the unit with 12,000 watts.

Each time your unit is transported down the road, it endures a lot of vibration that can unfortunately cause issues in your electrical system.  That, along with other things such as age, elements and critters, will not stop you from hitting the road any chance you get.  We at Versatile Links RV Services do our best to service you the same day or next.  You are our why, and we don't want you to worry while you are doing your why.

Please Avoid Black tank issues.....

The worst plumbing issue is of course anything with the black tank.  No one wants to deal with that!!!!!!!  Let me first give some extremely helpful do's and don'ts.

  • DO leave your black tank release valve closed at all times except when emptying. (leaving it open will allow the liquid waste to flow out leaving the solid waste to pile up leaving what we call a "Poop Pyramid". You do not want this.
  • DO flush clean your black tank (flushing it with water helps to eliminate solid waste left behind after emptying and helps decrease odor).
  • DON'T flush ANYTHING down the toilet except RV toilet paper. (RV and Marine Safe- Rapid Dissolving and use it as sparingly as possible- it still does not break apart as well as one would hope)

Tip: If you generally leave your gray tank release valve open to flow as needed, close it for a while prior to emptying the black tank so you have a way to flush the system after a black tank dump.

Other plumbing issues

There are of course other pluming issues that occur. Whether it is a leaky faucet, water heater, or water pump, Versatile Links RV Services can help you with your plumbing needs.

Leaking Roof

Oh no!!! you have noticed your ceiling has some water damage and you need it fixed immediately?  Yes you do, but it didn't just happen.  The truth is if you are seeing water damage, most likely your roof has been leaking for some time. We will get your roof sealed up for you to stop further water intrusion.


We can help you with all of your awning needs. 

  • Broken arms
  • Bad Motor
  • New Fabric

All Services

  • Air Conditioner / Heat Pump
  • Furnace
  • Water Heater
  • Water Pump
  • Refrigerator
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Slides
  • Axels (Towables Only)
  • Brakes
  • Aqua-Hot (Available November 2019)

Don't see a service listed, Contact us.


Your RV is much like your vehicle, there are items that must be checked regularly.  Versatile Links RV Services will work with you on our Yearly Maintenance Program to help keep your unit in tip top shape.  This will help prolong the life of your unit. Not only do we have a list of services we will provide for you in this program, but we have a list of things for you to do to help in the endeavor of prolonging the life of your coach.

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