Inspection Services

Certified RV Inspections

A certified RV inspection is a thorough inspection performed by a third party , unbiased inspector such as Anthony with Versatile Links RV Services.  He has not only had years of experience working on RV's, he has undertaken vigorous training and tests to become Certified by the NRVIA (National RV Inspectors Association).  As an NRVIA certified inspector, Anthony is subject to a strict Code of Ethics.  These help ensure that you can feel safe that he has no other ulterior motive in reporting issues with the unit. 

When you are looking to make your purchase, can you trust the word of the dealer or seller that the unit is in the condition they claim it to be?  In many cases, especially on a private sell, they may not know the true condition of the unit. During an RV inspection from Versatile Links RV Services, Anthony will reveal his unbiased opinion of  the true condition of the unit at that point in time.  A detailed report will be generated and given to you that will help you make and informed decision on the purchase.  It will help prevent you from purchasing a money pit.  It can give you the ability to work with a dealer to ensure all repairs are made prior to your purchase, or allow you to take into consideration the repairs that will be needed after a purchase from a private seller.

Fluid Analysis

Fluid analysis, or nicknamed "Healthcare for your RV" by inspectors, is a great way to monitor or check the fluid's "health" in your RV. Having fluid analysis is a great way to save money by seeing how much life is left in the various fluids in the RV. Fluid analysis is also a great way of detecting potential early problems, like internal leaks.

As part of your RV inspection, you chose to have fluid analyses performed on the oils and coolants used to lubricate and cool the driveline and generator components. Below are some of the things you can expect to learn from the analyses!

  • You may find there’s no need to spend up to $250 (or more) to change the oil or coolant in the main engine and/or generator because your fluid analyses show they’re still viable!
  • You may find that the transmission fluid is still in good condition and that maintenance is not necessary. This could save you up to $600 (or more)!
  • Or, you may find there’s no need for any maintenance on any of these main RV systems. That translates to, not only big savings, but a great feeling of peace as you proceed with the purchase!

We call it 'healthcare for RVs'. Why? Because it’s really very similar to getting an annual checkup or having your blood drawn by your healthcare provider. Fluid analysis can alert you to early signs of excessive wear, it can find such things as fuel or coolant leaking internally into your oil systems or it can find signs of oil leaking into your coolants. If anything serious is going on inside the engine, transmission, generator and/or cooling system, the best way to determine it is through scientific fluid analysis.


It is very exciting to be the owner of a new RV! Especially if you are a first time RV owner, it can be overwhelming.  You have spent possibly weeks or more looking for the perfect unit and then up to days to see if the purchase is complete. Finally you get to pick up your unit and they take you through the coach like a whirlwind showing you all of it features. Then they ask if you have any questions...........Overload. You have some idea about the things they have shown you, but until you actually do it, you don't really know.

Anthony and Tonya with Versatile Links RV Services will give you a thorough walk through and help you learn everything you need to know to have a successful, unstressed camping experience.